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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Jimmy Akin

What is the Catholic view on Hebrews 6 when the writer says once you reject Christ you cannot accept him again? Also, what is the Catholic view on the unpardonable sin?

What would I need to do to come back to the Catholic Church? I miss the Eucharist.

If Jesus has forgiven our sins why would you need to go to Purgatory?

I heard that John Paul II said that people outside the Catholic Church can still be saved in certain circumstances. How does that reconcile with the statement in the first hour that one can only have sacramental confession in the Catholic Church?

It seems to me that pre-Vatican II Catholicism makes more sense than the changes to the Mass after Vatican II. If I become Catholic should I stick to pre-Vatican II worship or post-Vatican II?

A lot of Protestants like to say by faith alone we are saved, and Mormons and Catholics disagree with that. Why don’t I hear more Catholics talking about the passages in Hebrews (I do good works because of my faith) and Peter (faith without works is dead). Instead of referencing these, I hear intellectual arguments rather than a simple Bible verse.

Where does the Bible mention the Catholic Church? Why do I need a Church when I have the Bible?

Where does Jesus Christ fit into justification?

Don’t these verses prove that faith alone saves? Eph 2:8-9, and Hebrews 11:6.

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