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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Does the Church have an official position on the American Civil War?

I think that the infancy narrative of Matthew and Luke was made known by Mary. Is there any support for this belief?

I was wondering if you could comment on whether or not you can hold your hands up during the Our Father in imitation of the priest?

I read in the Washington Post that the author of the Zealot said that Christ was not actually born in Bethlehem, could you comment on that?

Were the Evangelists the same age as Jesus? Who was the oldest?

How do we answer the criticisms that the prophecies answered in Matthew are fallacious and they don’t relate the meanings of the original Old Testament prophecies?

I was at a Catholic wedding ceremony and during the Our Father I heard a phrase that I had never heard before “for thine is the kingdom…” where does this come from?

There’s a part in the St. Leo prayer that speaks of Lucifer as being transformed as an angel of light…why? Does it mean that be pretends to be a good angel?

At the end of the world Jesus is going to take the people that are here with him to heaven. What happens to their purgatory time?

Did the Church change her position on salvation, because I thought the Church once believed that you would only be saved if you were Catholic and in the CCC it seems to have changed.

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