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The Chaplain Is In

What are the duties of a godparent?

A kid in the youth group I lead “came out” to his parents and they told him he was going to Hell. He has been hurt by this and is turned off from the faith. I will talk to him soon; what should I tell him?

Why do we pray for the dead?

Is it okay to pray to saints in front of the Eucharist?

What can I do to help my 19 year old daughter go back to Church?

My aunt’s 16 year old grandson died about a year ago. She is Catholic, but is now very mad at God. How can I help her?

What is centering prayer and why does the Church discourage it?

How do I reach someone who has left the Church and wants nothing to do with it? They are bi-polar and don’t want to talk about religion.

A relative recently disclosed to me that he is gay. How do I deal with that? What do I do about it?

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