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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

How can I get the most out of a latin mass when I do not understand what they are saying?

I’m trying to start a YouTube channel to help show people the practical side of the faith. What are the main difficulties that new Catholics face when entering the Church?

How can you get validation for what God is doing in your life?

Fr. Longnecker wrote an article in Catholic Answers Magazine about the co-redeeming work of Mary and I’m wondering if it’s a good one?

What is the route one should take if they have been involved in possession or selling one’s soul, etc?

There is a psychic fair coming to town, and I was wondering if there is something that I can do as a concerned Catholic?

I am a rudimentary Latinist and I would like to offer an alternative latin phrase.

How can you call Mary co-redemptrix when Jesus says these are my brothers and sisters?

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