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Open Forum

Tim Staples

The pope’s emphasis on the poor has struck a chord with me. Can you refer me to any resources to help me do more for the poor and be more like Pope Francis?

My grandfather recently died and was cremated. Is it okay to keep the ashes in a home or should they be buried?

If a Jew asked you why you believe in Jesus, what would you say?

My daughter passed away before she was born. We wanted to get her baptized. Someone told me that since we had that intention, her soul was taken immediately to heaven, is this true?

How do I explain to people that mysteries, like the Trinity, are not just convenient excuses for our doctrines?

What is the Catholic opinion on the Loretto chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that is famous for the staircase?

My cousin is a Messianic Jew. On Friday nights they celebrate Shivat. Is it okay for us to participate in Jewish holidays with them?

Why do we believe that Jesus giving Peter the keys was a literal formation of a hierarchical authority and not some other interpretation?

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