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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Atheists are always quick to using the Mosaic law as harsh and unruly (e.g. stone adulterers, etc). How can I explain it in the context of the OT?

What would you tell someone if they had 3 minutes to live and you wanted to bring them to heaven?

A person told me that they were a nondenominational Christian and that they descended from one of the twelve tribes of Israel…what is that? Is there any legitimacy to it?

According to evolution, when did man commit original sin? Was it the homosapine species or something earlier?

Does the code of canon law permit 2nd graders to make holy communion and confirmation all at the same time?

What is an incorruptible?

Since Protestants are considered little brothers, do they go through the same process of the afterlife as Catholic’s do? i.e. Purgatory.

I was wondering if your previous answer on Halloween was backed up by the Church, and are you aware of statements that the Vatican has put out against Halloween?

I was wondering if the Lord’s prayer was prayed by Jesus, and if so is that why we pray it, because it’s a perfect example?

Can you give me an example of what blasphemy against the Holy Spirit would be?

Can you give me scriptural reference to where purgatory is in the bible?

Is it okay to dress up as the pope during Halloween?

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