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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

How does the Saturday vigil mass count for Sunday obligation? I read in the Catechism that tithing is not required, but I thought it was?

I was wondering if the verbiage Jesus uses when he says, ‘Who do men say that I am’ is meant to reflected the Holy Name of God (I am who am) is that true?

I was wondering which parts of the bible are missing from the 3 year cycle of the Missal?

I hear that when a baby tree grows up its adultery, is it?

Are we supposed to be celebrating Halloween as Catholics?

If I were to go to confession and not be sorry for even one of my sins am I still forgiven?

I’m a Protestant and I am struggling with sola fide and I was wondering what the Catholic Church’s position is on it?

If a person says they believe in God…how do I take them to the Christian God?

Do Protestants pray in a completely different way than Catholics?

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