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The Chaplain Is In

I was married 8 years ago in a civil marriage. I went to confession and then the priest said he cannot give me absolution until I had my marriage convalidated. Was he right in telling me that? I have had my marriage convalidated.

If you have cancer and refuse treatment is that a sin?

A priest kissed the host and the base of the chalice during mass. Is that ok/valid? I’ve never seen this before.

My mother just passed away recently and she received anointing of the sick from the priest 2 weeks before and eucharist a week before. Could you explain what our faith tells us about anointing of the sick and receiving the eucharist when you are on the edge of death?

Why in the new mass did they place the phrase “the mystery of faith” at the end of the consecration as opposed to before? The council of Trent said that it was supposed to be in the middle, according to apostolic tradition. 

I have been with a woman for 20 years, we are not married, we go to church every Sunday and we don’t take the Eucharist because we are living in sin. A woman asked me about it and she said I could receive. What is the right thing?

I just started going to a tridentine mass and a person said it was the highest form of worship. Is this true?

I watched my wife die 2 years ago and they gave her a lot of morphine so she wouldn’t have any pain. Is this ok?

I gone to mass in a couple places. One in Texas and one here in my diocese with a visiting priest. Both priests left out the whole ritual of the kiss of peace, including “Christ said my peace I leave you…” Is that allowed?

During the lamb of God/Santus we used to kneel. Some Churches still do this. I still kneel even though others don’t because it is important to me to show my reverence. Someone came up and asked why and I told them that it is tradition for me. Should I not do this?

I am looking for some resources. I am teaching a RCIA course on the Eucharist. I want to teach this right. Do you have any good resources for me?

I’m the best man in a Catholic wedding. I am not religious at. Can I do this? 

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