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I have a brother-in-law who is in a homosexual relationship with someone who is 30 years older than him. I need advice on how to not exclude him from the family, but set a good moral standing for my daughters.

I was divorced 7 years ago and finally going through the annulment process. I got remarried 5 months ago to a non-Catholic and I need to know if I can still receive communion?

At my parish we don’t always have both species of the Eucharist, why is that?

My niece and her former husband are non-Catholic’s that got divorced. She received a letter in the mail the mail saying that her marriage is under review for annulment…could you help me explain to her how this is possible?

Does someone who wants to become Catholic have to completey agree and understand all of the teachings of the Catholic Church?

My fiancé had a civil marriage but got an annulment through the Catholic Church. But it was not for reasons of adultery as it says in the bible…does that make it valid?

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