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Open Forum

Is there any private revelation that has specifically told someone to join the Catholic Church, rather than just merely Christian?

Earlier today on Catholic radio I heard someone say the pope is not always infallible. Is this true? Also, is the Church infallible or just the pope?

If Jesus died for our sins why do we need baptism to get rid of original sin?

Many Protestants emphasize personal relationship with Jesus over religion. What is the Catholic equivalent to personal relationship with Jesus?

How does prayer work when you pray for someone you don’t know, or when you pray for an abstract ideal like “an end to abortion”?

My cousin is part of a church called “La Iglesia Universal.” They have a bishop who was supposedly ordained on Mount Sinai. Supposedly when he gives a blessing to people, they receive financial blessing. How can I explain to my cousin that this guy is a phony?

My 7th Day Adventist friend says that in Daniel 2 when the stone hits the statue and the statue crumbles (Nebuchadnezzar’s dream), that it is supposed to be the end of time. Is this a correct interpretation?

In the Mass, why do they start the epistle reading with “Brothers and sisters” even though it doesn’t say that in the Bible? Also, my translation of John 6:37 says (paraphrase) “Everything the Father gives me will come to me, and I will not reject anyone who comes to me.” It seems using “everything” and “anyone” together is inconsistent; one is impersonal and the other is personal.  

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