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The Chaplain Is In

We had a death in the family and the ashes are being kept. Is this okay?

Can guardian angels choose to be evil?

I heard about a prayer that is supposed to release a thousand souls from purgatory…is this legit?

Why do we pray to saints?

If God created Adam and Eve then how did we end up with other races?

On a one-day novena, when do I say the prayers?

Do guardian angels take a human form or are they always purely spiritual?

How do you grow in prayer as an adult, and how do I help my children grown in prayer?

How long does one allow suffering knowing that they could stop it before it becomes a sin?

I just learned that my sister-in-law took her life Monday night. I didn’t see it coming. She seemed to have a strong faith. I think that anyone who takes his own life is not in a culpable mental state. What do you think?

How do I work on my poor attitude toward a couple fellow parishioners who I find annoying?

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