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The New Age Deception

A Catholic friend of mine says reiki is from God. What do I say to her?

I’ve tried praying and nothing happens. I am turning to alternative sources such as candles and sage. What else can I do if I am not allowed to do these alternative methods?

I am Native American and turned to this channel. I heard you talk down about Native Americans and how we are devil worshippers. We do believe in God and we pray to him in a different way. Please clarify this.

Can you tell me more about “sacred salt?” I have never heard of it before you mentioned it.

I am a Catholic and someone has introduced me to the characteristics of people based on their birthdays (astrology). It really seems that it categorizes people so perfectly… I don’t want to believe it but it seems valid. Can you comment on this?

I’ve had visionary dreams since I was a child and have had visions. Who can I go to or turn to? The Christian world will think I’m crazy and so will the secular world… 

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