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Open Forum

Tom Nash

What is the difference between original and ancestral sin? Also, how do we know that the Catholic Church is the Church of Christ and not the Eastern Orthodox?

If Ishmael and Hagar had the same God as Abraham, how did they end up worshiping Allah? Also, why do we say Catholics and Christians; wouldn’t it be easier to say Catholic Christians and non-Catholic Christians?

I have confessed but I continue to feel ashamed, unworthy, and sinful. What do I need to do to feel worthy enough to receive the sacraments?

I’m almost scared to pray because every time I pray things go totally the opposite of what I want. Can you give me some advice?

Regarding a previous question about David’s Psalms…could it be that David had a gift of discernment of spirits and knew that the enemies he was praying against were spiritual enemies?

When we die will we see God and Jesus or just Jesus?

Why do some people say that Islam is an Abrahamic religion?

How do I explain the Catholic view of Salvation to my non-denominational friend who believes in “once saved always saved”?

I have several Eastern Orthodox friends and sometimes join them for Sunday liturgy (I don’t receive the Eucharist there, and I go to Mass on Saturday night). My friends also taught me to say the Jesus Prayer with prayer beads. A Catholic friend told me I should not be praying this because the Orthodox are not in union with Rome, and that I should not even attend their liturgy. Can a Catholic do these things?

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