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Church History Q&A

Is it true that Jesus wrote a letter to an Eastern King?

How do you justify the executions of heretics with executions of saints?

How can we go forward teaching apologetics to young people if there is the misunderstanding that Vatican II contradicts many things pre-Vatican?

What historical evidence is there for the identity of the writers of the four Gospels?

Did the patriarch of Antioch Syria mutually anathematize the patriarch of Alexandria over Christological theology?

Is it true that Catholicism existed before Jesus?

Is it true that Eusebius changed Jesus’ ministry to a three and a half year ministry?

How effective were the Crusades at reclaiming land and stopping sacrilege?  Is there a way to quantify this?

What do Jesus Christ and the Church have to do with advancement in society? Does it play a role? 

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