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Does God recognized Protestant marriages?

If you have grandchildren, why is it not acceptable to have them baptized?

Jesus said do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Wouldn’t it be wrong than to write your name down on a tithe for the parish book records?

As a Catholic physician, if a non-Catholic comes and asks you for birth control do I have to convince them why it’s wrong?

My wife and I were married outside of the Catholic Church as Protestants. We are now going through RCIA and I just want to know what we must do along this path towards Catholicism?

I’m beginning to believe that I was raised in a cult (the Catholic Church) and need guidance.

I’ve been going to a Church of Christ for my fiancée and they are saying that the Catholic Church is incorrect and I am having a faith crisis.

Before the world was made there was God, but was Jesus there? I’m having troubles placing Jesus in all of this?

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