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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

A Catholic person married a non-Catholic and got divorced and sought an annulment and got it. Later this person again remarried a non-Catholic and is wondering if they are in a state of sin, thus not being able to receive communion.

Is there ever a case when a medium (person who talks to dead people) is under the influence of the Holy Spirit?

“Pope warns that we must find balance or fall like house of cards”…have you read this article? I’m wondering if we should expect any different stances on Church teaching?

2 Chronicles 21:12 - this details the evil deeds of King Jehoram and he receives a letter from Elijah, thus Jehovah’s Witnesses use this as proof text that Elijah was not actually assumed into heaven. How do I refute this?

Could you tell me the activity of the separated soul after death?

I feel like I am being penalized for doing things the right way. My husband cheated on me and he left me. I was told that I have to get my marriage annulled before I can receive communion, but I do not want to do that because our son was planned and that would make him a bastard.

How much power does a priest have whether or not a person is eligible for baptism?

Have you heard of the Eckankar religion?

Could you tell me the significance of the Paschal moon and the first full moon of the spring equinox?

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