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Bioethics for the Rest of Us

What is the Catholic view on companies like “23 and Me” which conduct DNA testing which gives genetics and health evaluation?

What does the Catholic Church have to say on the mandatory flu vaccination for healthcare workers in hospitals?

Can you explain the Catholic view on blood cord storage?

Is it true that a majority of the research money on Autism goes into identifying a genetic marker so that the parents know if there is something wrong, they can abort the baby? If this is true, how can Catholics combat it now?

I am a Catholic physician. I have a job offer from a company that uses the tissue from aborted fetuses for their research? Should I accept this job?

Can someone work for a lab company (like in their IT department)  that uses blood from fetus for their research?

I had a vasectomy years ago. What is your advice on going forward?

What is the Church’s view on in vitro fertilization?

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