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I have a Protestant friend and he was reading that the pope was going to allow priests to get married, (1 Tim 4). I’m trying to find the best way to counter that argument.

What is the difference between premonitions and what Padre Pio had?

The passage about the people who were brought in from the streets but were not accepted because they had the wrong garments confuses me…could you please explain what those garments are?

What is your opinion on the book Evangelical Catholicism by George Weigel?

You will go to hell if you fornicate, right?

What is the significance of the bells during the consecration?

I hear various people saying that I am praying to saints/praying to Mary, but then I hear ‘no’ we just ask them to pray for us…could you please clarify?

I have the New Ignatius Study Bible by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch and I was wondering if you could tell me about the animals, angels, and symbols of the cover?

Is the world going to end? Our priest at Church says that the Church says it will never end.

Going back to Luther and the causes of why we have some many breaks from the Catholic Church…what is your position on mending those breaks?

What is the significance of pouring water into wine and do you have to do it for ever chalice present?

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