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Open Forum

If a person kills another person to defend themselves, why can’t they lie to defend himself? Aquinas and Augustine say a lie is a lie no matter what…

Cardinal Martini died a year ago and said that the Church is 200 years behind in sexual morality, what are your thoughts?

A Protestant friend of mine gave me the book Jesus Freaks and it said that James was the brother of Jesus, could you explain?

What is the Church’s position on green funerals?

A local school is run by SSPX and I wonder if I could send my children there in good conscious and whether or not they could receive communion and penance?

I have Patrick Madrid’s book, The Godless Delusion, and was wondering if it was in response to Richard Dawkins The God Delusion and whether I need to read Dawkins first?

What is the Church’s traditional understanding of Revelation 3 and the key of David?

I am talking to a Baptist and he keeps saying that Catholicism is a cult, and I do not know how to respond…

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