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I’m working on building patience. I read something that said to build patience one should bear sufferings in peace. But suffering is exactly what makes me impatient! How do I suffer with peace?

A woman who has been divorced is marrying someone in my family. She has not received a decree of nullity that I know of. Should I go to the wedding? How do I handle the situation?

My daughter left the Church and married someone in a Protestant Church. I know that she is living in sin because she is not married in the Church. Would it be better for her to renounce the Catholic Church? That way her marriage would be valid in God’s eyes, because she is not Catholic.

My mom has had migraines for over 20 years. She went to a spiritual healer. He told her that her dead father-in-law is watching over her and has tried to contact her. What should I tell my mom?

My aunt was divorced and remarried outside the Church. She has returned to the faith and sought an annulment from her first marriage. The ex-spouse refused to cooperate. Her priest says he gave her pastoral permission to continue receiving the sacraments. Can the priest do this?

The pope has asked everyone to fast this Saturday for peace. I would love for my family to do this, but my family has also planned to go to an event where there will be eating. I think it would be good for my family to go to this event. Which should I choose?

My husband of 46 years is dying. He has been living with another woman for the past ten years. He is an alcoholic. He goes to daily mass, I think because he knows he is doing wrong and he is trying to bargain with God. What can I do to help him straighten up before he dies? He might not have much time left.

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