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The Chaplain Is In

I’m a musician. Is it okay to play instrumental versions of songs that otherwise would have objectionable lyrics?

Romans 13 seems to say that we’re supposed to support the government no matter what. Is that true?

When my husband and I had our marriage blessed after marrying outside the Church said he believe in all the precepts of the faith. He was converting to Catholicism. Now he says he doesn’t believe in Mary. Does that mean our marriage is invalid?

Is the children’s liturgy okay?

Can a divorced Catholic be a member of the Knights of Columbus?

My husband and I were married by the court. But now I’d like to be married in the Church. Is that possible? How do we do that?

The pope has asked people to fast for peace this Saturday. Has a pope ever called for something like this before?

I understand that if you wear the scapular you should do certain prayers. What are those prayers?

My daughter was married outside the Church. Should I got to confession for helping her plan the wedding?

My daughter is cohabiting with her boyfriend. They are getting married. It seems that if they are living together they shouldn’t be able to get married in the Church. Can they?

I was raised Catholic, then I left, but now I’m back in the Church. I was never confirmed. Am I sinning by not ever getting confirmed?

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