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Open Forum

I want to become Catholic. In my travels I’ve seen a lot of beautiful churches. But in my area the Catholic churches are very ugly. I think it is very important to have a beautiful church. What should I do?

1 Timothy says that a bishop should be married with just one wife. How do we answer someone who argues against the Catholic Church because we have celibate bishops?

What is the current prevailing Catholic assessment of the principle of “cuius regio eius religio”?

What is the Catholic position on arranged marriages?

I’m about to get married, but it will be outside of a church building. Somebody said we could just get the marriage blessed by the Church later. Is this okay…it seems off to me?

Who is the leader of the Catholic Church in America? And why aren’t they doing anything to defend religious freedom?

Does God call Protestant people to ministry?

I’m a Protestant who is thinking about becoming Catholic. I have been through a rough divorce. I am remarried. I am worried that if I try to get an annulment my previous wife will try to thwart the process to make it difficult for me. Can you give me any advice?

I’m looking into yoga, meditation, or belly dancing to do during childbirth. Are these spiritually dangerous?

Do you guys believe that the Eucharist is the physical body of Christ? In the Catholic Church what is the meaning of infant baptism? Is it valid even though the person has not made a personal choice?

What can invalidate a marriage?

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