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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

My fiancé was in a religious studies class where the professor said that they find Christ’s images in Asia, is that true?

Could you give resources on evangelizing and reaching out to fallen away Catholics who are divorced?

Could you please clarify how scripture talks about Heaven vs. the way the CCC talks about Heaven?

In the four marks of the Church: one, holy, Catholic and apostolic, why did we go with the name catholic rather than apostolic?

Would God send someone to hell for one mortal sin, when they lived their whole life virtuously?

My wife and I attended the pro-life march in San Francisco, could you explain the ruling on legalizing abortion?

When people we immigrating and they went somewhere where they knew there was not going to be a priest were they free from Sunday obligation?

I have two sisters that are divorced. Both married in the Catholic church, neither are annulled, and one is remarried. Could you give me some clarification on the situation?

Has the Trinity always existed?

How to I do apologetics with non-denominational Christians?

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