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Open Forum

Could you comment on Catholic coercion. For example, when a population has been predominantly Catholic and you use coercion to bring more in?

Do angels have free will? Is the Devil able to change his mind?

In the Nicene Creed when it says we believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sins, where do we get confession if we believe in one baptism for forgiveness?

I thought I read in the Old Testament that children of an unlawful marriage are not allowed in the temple up until the 10th generation. Is this what it says?

My mother-in-law is Mormon, she was asking if Catholics believe that our soul pre-existed?

Why can’t priest be married, because I thought that the apostle Paul was married?

What is the “hierarchy” or prayer?

I have CDs featuring John Martignoni and he says that Christ founded one Church, but scripture verses like 2 Cor 11:28 talk about Church’s in the plural. How do I defend against Protestants?

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