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Open Forum

What does the Church teach about extraterrestrial life? What are the theological implications if we were to discover life on other planets?

When is Marian devotions taken too far?

Psalm 111:10 contrasted with 2 Timothy 1:7… deals with the fear of God? Can you discuss the Catholic understanding of the fear of God?

Why do people suffer from generational curses if there is confession?

Can an annulment process be started by someone who is not one of the persons who was married?

What does Matthew 11:12 mean?

My parents received an apostolic blessing from the Pope John Paul II… If he becomes a saint will that paper become a relic?

What are the rules and and regulations on how to make the Eucharistic wafers and the chalices?

Why doesn’t the Orthodox Church recognize the pope?

Why are protestants fixated on Constantine?

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