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In your research, have you read the works of Pseudo Dionysius? What is the stance of the Church on him?

Did the apostles believe in the Immaculate Conception?

Why doesn’t the Church teach more on Trinitarian incarnation?

Could one accept a different point of view on accepting the gays?

Can one attend a same sex ceremony as a practicing Catholic?

I am still dealing with post-abortive trauma. I went to Rachel’s Vineyard with my husband, but am still struggling with guilt. Do you have any other resources for me?

I went to a communion service, and the lay person distributing holy communion, elevated the body, and said the prayer where we respond, “Lord I am not worthy to receive you…” consumed the Lord’s body, and went to the front of the altar to give communion. Can they do that?

A priest told me that if you touch a relic to a devotional item that it will become a 3rd class relic, so I asked him if you touched Jesus in the Eucharist would it become a 3rd class relic and he said no. Could you elaborate more on Eucharistic devotion?

Why is the feast of the Assumption held to such a level where it’s a mortal sin to miss it, and why is that relevant for the salvation of my soul?

What is the Catholic stance on the death penalty?

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