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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

What are the requirements for receiving the sacrament of holy matrimony?

Why would one choose Catholicism over Orthodox?

During the Divine Mercy Chaplet we say say “Eternal Father I offer you the Body and Blood…” How is it that I offer this to God?

1 Cor 14:22-24 it seems like it’s contradicting itself with the gift of tongues, is it?

At the Resurrection Jesus told Mary Magdalen not to touch him because he hasn’t ascended to the Father, but why then does he tell Thomas to touch him?

What is the situation with Cardinal Bernard Law and what connection does he have with Pope John Paul II?

Can Catholics be Godparents to non-Catholic children?

I’ve heard that Muslims worship the same God as Christians, could you please clarify and give me the correct position?

Why did Judas betray Jesus?

What is the morality of hypnosis?

What is the Catholic teaching on faith and works as they relate to salvation and justification?

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