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Open Forum

Our priest looks toward the wall when he says, “May the Lord be with you.” Is he supposed to do that?

Can a Catholic do yoga for exercise?

How does the Church view the priest scandals?

It seems like devotion to the Sacred Heart has wained. How can we get Catholics into this devotion again?

In John 3:5 when Jesus says unless you are born of water and spirit you cannot enter the kingdom of God, what does the water represent?

The priest at Mass pours water into only one of the chalices, even though there are several. Is that right?

There seems to be many confusing passages in the Bible, like when Jesus asks the Father why he has forsaken him. How can we understand these passages when there are so many?

I sponsored my brother and mother into the Church, then they stopped coming to Church. Am I culpable for their leaving?

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