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The Chaplain Is In

I am in the process of converting. I hear a lot about Catholic guilt. How can I encourage my children to enjoy being Catholic rather than feel guilty all the time?

Should we as Christians be like John the baptist, a voice crying out in the wilderness?

Are Taize prayer services okay? What about Taichi?

My son is five and acts like he is better than me, like he’s the boss. How should I address this?

What does Church tradition say about Jesus as a child, since scripture is silent about those years? Would he have been a perfect little 4 year old that never disobeyed?

How many people can we pray for? If we pray a rosary for tons of people, is the prayer not as powerful as it would be if we prayed for only one person?

I asked my pastor to come bless my house. He said if he couldn’t make it the deacon would do it. Can a deacon do that?

Can babies that are born through in-vitrofertilization, be baptized? Somebody is saying that the bishops say they can’t.

My son is going to be an altar boy. He wants to know what he should do to prepare.

My granddaughter is 17 and is getting into trouble. She is in detention right now. She is realizing that she is going down the wrong road, but how can I help her love Christ more?

Can you clarify what you said regarding teh blessingd from deacons? Can a deacon bless both places and things? Or are there things a deacon cannot bless?

My daughter is struggling with her faith and is in college, what can I suggest that she read?

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