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Open Forum

How do we defend free will when discussing atonement with Calvinists?

Why do we adore Jesus in the sacrament when Jesus created it to be consumed? Why do we look at it instead of eating it?

It was mentioned that people are not supposed to judge someone’s heart but his actions. But in Acts 5:3 Peter judged the heart of a new member of the Church. Why was he able to judge? Does Peter get an exemption or something?

Is the Holy Spirit present in someone who has not been baptized?

My father-in-law is a retired episcopal bishop. Sometimes he’ll have a service at a family gathering and he’ll distribute “communion.” I’m a Catholic and I don’t participate. Am I right in not participating?

When we pray for people in purgatory, how does that prayer intervene in God’s plan for that person? If God’s plan for that person is already set, how will our prayers change anything?

How do I answer the Eastern Orthodox claim that the papacy did not exist as it does today it the first thousand years of Christianity?

There was an Ananias who was struck dead because he lied. Is he the same Ananias that was sent to Saul/Paul to restore his sight?

How do I explain the development of doctrine to a friend who takes the Bible literally?

How do I explain the Immaculate Conception in light of Romans 3, “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”?

Can you clarify your view on free will?

How historically accurate are we to take things in the Old Testament, such as the Exodus?

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