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Open Forum

What did Pope Francisc say during WYD regarding him  not being afraid or believing in anybody dying before their time…Where can you find this in the Catholic faith?

Egypt collapses as an empire in Exodus. Is there evidence of this in history?

In Isaiah 7:14-17 why can’t he tell good from evil when he was child?

Where is the biblical proof for the Assumption of Mary?

What was Martin Luther’s view of salvation?

Can you please explain the difference between the Calvinist and Catholic view of predestination?

Before I became a Catholic I had a vasectomy. Do I need to reverse this now that I am Catholic?

What historically does the church say about being a “schindler”? Like from schindler’s list…

My friend says that God changed his mind  from the OT and NT.. how do respond to this?

Is the Star of Bethlehem movie accurate? 

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