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What is the Churches position on donating your body to science?

My son is 8 years old and he has autism… What is the Church’s take on autistic children receiving the sacraments?

My teenage daughter asked me the question, “Are we truly descendants of Adam and Eve?” How does this fit in with evolution?

If a person thinks that something is a mortal sin and goes through with the action, but comes to find out that the action was not sinful at all, did he still commit a sin?

Is it true that only God can judge? Doesn’t it seem that people use this as a crutch to tolerate the poor behavior of others?

Are all saints catholic? Are all of their bodies incorrupt?

What do you mean by “being careful” before donating organs?

Is it sinful for a married couple to have sexual relations while they are pregnant?

What is the teaching on enneagram and centering prayer?

How do I answer Lutherans when they say the Eucharist is consubstantial and not transubstantial?

As a pentecostal I would have never been able to wear lots of jewelry and makeup in church.  What is the church’s teaching on hair and jewellery? What is appropriate or not?

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