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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Why do we as Catholics pray to saints, Mary, and the angels if we have a direct line to God?

Why does the Church sometimes not offer the Precious Blood? If in Scripture it says “drink my blood.”

How do I approach forgiveness of a neighbor? The neighbor has a lot of anger towards me. Do I just let it go?

Does prayer overcome evil? Does it do any good to pray for Satan so that he might change his mind and not do evil anymore?

If Christ died on the cross for our sins, why do we still make have to make atonements for them?

Can you please clarify whether or not Pope Francis said that it is okay to be a homosexual priest?

In Exodus, it says God spoke to Moses face to face. If Moses still had original sin how was it possible for him to see God?

If heaven is not in the sky, how did Jesus ascend into heaven? If it is not a physical place how can our bodies be there at the end of time?

Where in the Catechism can I find any information drugs and alcohol?

Should I pray for people that pick on me because of my faith?

How can I understand Colossians 1:24?

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