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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

When Jesus said “why have you forsaken me,” how does that represent the Psalms?

How can I tell someone that it is okay to repeat prayers?

Is it true that during the Interfaith prayer session at Assisi, JPII allowed the Dalai Lama to place a Buddha an altar or near a tabernacle?

What is the overview of our belief in purgatory and indulgences? Can you please clarify what the pope meant by granting indulgences via twitter?

Is tubal ligation always sinful?

Since my daughter got pregnant out of wedlock, should she marry the father?

What is the difference between a demon and an unclean spirit?

How soon should a parent have their child baptized?

If people are fasting in the Middle East, does that have anything to do with us as Catholics?

My in-laws are coming to town and they want to go see an Evangelical speaker named David Jeremiah. Is it okay if I go to the talk?

I’m in the process of converting. My daughter will be born before Easter. Can I have her baptized before I am?

What is the teaching on limbo and where is it?

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