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Mother Miriam answers:

My husband is a recovering addict and we are having difficulties. Is separation allowable?

My sister is getting a divorce. I feel bad because I encouraged her because of the problems they were having. Should I now counsel her to stick it out?

What responsibility does a registered pharmacist have in regard to Catholicism and prescribing birth control pills?

What does the saying,“Jews killed Jesus” mean?

I have heard that Mother Miriam is gluten free except for when she receives the Eucharist, is that true?

Can I still receive communion even though I have sought a legal separation and have tried to reconcile?

How do I introduce someone to the Church so the can be baptized?

What is the duty that I owe to my parents? Specifically, how close do I have to be to them if they are abusive?

Could you please clarify the statement on God hating divorce?

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