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Pro-Life Open Forum

Dr. George Delgado answers:

Are heart transplants morally permissible?

Is it true that AIDS patients have been cured with adult stem cell therapy?

Are there experts available to contact in time pressing life issues?

How can I get my church involved in sidewalk counseling?

If one is at the very end of life, is it morally right to not give water to the one ill?

Is there a real motive among scientists to do cloning?

Is a ventilator considered extraordinary means? Is a feeding tube?

Is there a list of catholic doctors for San Diego County?

Are gastric feeding tubes basic healthcare?

Are they using adult stem cells to help MS patients?

Does stem cell research help those with diabetes?

Is an IV considered basic or extraordinary measures?

What is the position from a pro-life standpoint in regards to certain immunizations for children made with fetal cell lines?

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