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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Serpa answers:

Is rationalizing a method worked by Satan?

My wife decided to have a tubal ligation against my will. What does this mean for our intimate life?

My priest does not believe that I should have a personal relationship with Jesus. How should I address this in a respectful way?

I have not confessed in a very long time. What type of penance should I expect to receive when going in?

I am a caregiver for my mom. Should I push her to go to confession? She says there is no need because of her age.

How can I have a good, productive confession experience?

I committed a mortal sin and I have been forgiven in confession, however my family will not forgive me. What should I do about this?

My priest gave me a penance of ten Hail Mary’s a day for the next ten years. Is this valid and am I not forgiven if I don’t stick to this?

Am I allowed to receive communion if I have been married outside the church for twenty-seven years?

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