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Pro-Life Open Forum

Dr. George Delgado answers:

What’s difference between conception and fertilization?

Do you know of how many babies Kermit Gosnell killed performing live birth abortions?

Why does the government say abortion is okay, but rule against someone who killed a fetus?

How can I help COLFS raise funds?

In the early 80’s I took a friend to get an abortion and I heard the worst noise during the abortion procedure. What kind of machine did I hear?

How do abortion clinics get their licenses? What are the health inspection requirements for abortion clinics and can’t they be enforced more?

Are there any internal efforts within the medical profession of pro-life doctors, who help dissuade other doctors who perform abortions?

When do we receive our DNA?

Don’t we also use our own phrases to our own benefit, just like the other side does? For example, we call pro-choice, “pro-aborts.”

How can we replicate the OB/GYN program at University of Oklahoma at other universities across America?

How would I register for the network of pro-life physicians? Are there any published standards for the progesterone injections?

How does the principle of double-effect relate to ectopic pregnancies?


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