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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin answers:

Why is the underground trail of blood false? I have a friend who is talking about it and I want to engage him in a conversation.

My priest at Easter Mass invited everybody to receive communion. What should I do?

What happens to us physically when receive communion? 

How did the women enter the tomb on Easter Sunday if the rock was still in front of tomb?

In “The Fathers Know Best” Pope St. Victor excommunicated Asia Minor as a group. Can you explain this?

How do I evangelize my mother who was says that denomination is not important?

Is there allowance in the Catholic Church for the possibility of accepting extraterrestrial life?

Why would we not encourage people to come up for a blessing at Mass?

When was the title of “pope” first used?

Pope Benedict went into a synagogue in Rome and said “Christians and Jews pray to the same Lord,” but if Jews reject Jesus how is this possible?

Since Canon Law states to abstain from meat on all Fridays, why don’t we follow this?

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