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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent answers:

How do I dispose all of my new age books?

What should we do with private revelations?

My daughter is 15 and she hasn’t seen her father in 4 years. How far should I push forgiving her father on her?

I’m a single parent. Is there anything I can do to help my son and I be more on God’s path on Catholicism?

I struggle between believing in God’s judgment of dying in mortal sin and God’s mercy if we die in mortal sin?

When I pray to anybody else but God, should my prayers be said out loud?

My father is pre-Vatican II and this causes friction between us. What could I say to him?

My grandkids are going to be adopted into our family. I was told they have to attend Catholic classes for two years before they can be baptized. What should I do about this?

There is so much tension between my wife and me because she doesn’t understand the faith. What can I do?

Are the Eastern Orthodox sacraments the same as the Roman Catholic sacraments?

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