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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

If you are provisionally baptized do you still need to receive 1st confession?

What did Jesus experience when he descended into Hell?

Could you please explain what will happen at the end of time to the physical earth?

Is fault finding a sin? Especially when one derives enjoyment from it?

Do Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches have different canons of the Bible?

How does the Lutheran church look at law and gospel?

Could Mary have relations with Joseph after Jesus was born?

Why is it that Catholics include the Apocrypha in their bible and Protestants don’t?

Is it okay for a catholic to have a Seder meal?

Why would someone stay catholic if they can receive Eucharist at an orthodox church?

Can priests get married?

Does our Catholic belief in the Immaculate Conception confirm that there is a soul at every conception?

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