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Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God answers:

Does being sanitary have anything to do with being moral?

I feel a calling and I want to get some spiritual advice on how to discern?

Should I attend my catholic niece’s and nephew’s wedding if they are having destination weddings?

What is your opinion about the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church achieving greater unity under Pope Francis?

Why is there an age limit to join most religious orders?

How do I console my wife who didn’t have the best experience in her first confession and now she is going back after 10 years?

What do you think about offering up the guilt that our sins bring us?

What can I say to my parish deacon who tells parishioners that it is okay for couples who are living together to stay living together until they get married?

My daughter is six and she wants to become a nun. How can I help mold this vocation?

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