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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

Do all Catholic parishes in the US have an RCIA program?

My daughter is struggling with working the cash register at her work because she is uncomfortable selling the tabloid magazines. What should I do?

What are your thoughts on Joe Biden receiving communion yesterday?

What are plenary indulgences?

My daughter wants to come back to the faith now. Does she have to wait until September to start the RCIA program or can she just join this Easter?

Were you ever a chaplain at a secular college?

My family doesn’t belong to a parish and we are looking for a confirmation program for my son. Since he travels playing baseball is there a possibility he can do it through a deacon?

What do you suspect would be the cause, other than prayer, of Pope Francis gaining holiness and humility?

Why is there a rivalry between Dominicans and Jesuits?

I have 3 young children and with new pope they have lots of questions about our faith. What are some things I can do to keep that spirit alive?

Shouldn’t people’s attitudes be more positive toward Joe Biden receiving communion?

Every time I go to confession I find myself confessing the same sins and I am worried that God may be feeling disappointed in me. What can I do?

Do you have any suggestions for maintaining concentration while praying the Rosary?

How do I discern what type of 3rd order might be the most beneficial for me?

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