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Open Forum

Jim Blackburn answers:

How does Pope Francis feel about Latin mass?

Is it true the Catholic Church accepts the Apocrypha which says females can’t go to heaven?

Why is the Vatican filled with gold and riches if the Church advocates for helping the poor?

What do you think about the prayer at Mass that says, “That we may come into full charity”?

Where can I find a reference in the Bible to the saying, “In order to be a disciple, you must carry your cross?”

Pope Benedict made a rule that Holy Communion should only be given on tongue. Will Pope Francis follow this?

If you have been divorced and are going through the annulment process, is it a sin to date multiple people at the same time, especially if you have children?

Isn’t the wealth of the church a service to the poor? Does it not belong to the poor just as much as it does to Catholics?

Can you elaborate on the meaning of love in Acts 20:35 and Corinthians 13:13? Is love all about giving?

Are there any limits to names the pope can choose?

What is the “Old Catholic Church”?

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