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Fr. Paul Keller answers:

Can I have more information on apostolic pardon?

Were the Eastern Rite patriarchs any way involved in the conclave?

I am trying to understand the relation of time to the Mass?

If someone sold their soul do Satan, can they receive forgiveness?

What did Jesus mean when he said, “I have other sheep that are not of this flock”?

What is a Dominican blessing on a rosary?

Since Pope Francis is vocal about refusing communion to politicians who cannot receive it, will he refuse Joe Biden?

Is there contradiction between God’s love in the OT and God’s love in NT?

Does the Church take the position that if one cannot consummate his marriage, he cannot be married?

Is it acceptable for a woman to take the “morning after pill” if she is raped?

What is Catholic teaching on sanctification, predestination, and justification?

What is a good argument to explain “baptism by desire”?

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