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Winning the Discipline Debates

Dr. Ray Guarendi answers:

Is it true that parents during this generation are very lax because their parents were very difficult and harsh?

If there is a power struggle between husband and wife, how is the wife supposed to be a mediator between her husband and children without taking sides?

Is it okay to spank children for discipline reasons?

Where in the New Testament does Jesus not disapprove of physical punishment?

How can I discipline my 19 year old daughter who lives at home? She stays up late playing video games and doesn’t really go to church.

I have an eighteen-month-old daughter and taking her to church is a big chore. How can I keep her engaged at Mass without having to take her outside; is a time-out at Mass appropriate?

My son is very intelligent but he is not doing his homework for school and his grades are suffering. How do I get him on the right track?

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