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Open Forum

Mark Brumley answers:

Are Baptists and Anabaptists the same?

When I die will I still have a mother in heaven?

At the end of confession is it okay to say, “I ask forgiveness for these sins and any of those sins I am forgetting at this time?”

If there is a priest that confesses a very grave sin over and over, could part of the penance be for him to go and talk to the bishop?

My friend keeps talking about the number 10100 (this is new age), what is the Church’s stance on this?

Is there any contemporary evidence (other than the Bible) that Jesus actually existed? Why would Christian morality be superior to secular/atheist morality? There is no evidence of the first cause argument, so how can we know?

I’m a non-Catholic, and I am going through an annulment because I was baptized Episcopalian, since I want to become Catholic, can I go to confession?

Why do we no longer capitalize pronouns that refer to God?

Who will say the Easter Mass at the Vatican if there is not a pope?

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