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Fr. Joseph Fessio answers:

Can one be Catholic and practice yoga?

How can I explain to my Protestant friends what is happening with the Pope?

With all the abuses and scandals in the church, why have popes been unable to put a stop to it?

Is the Jesuit order Roman rite and what is the hierarchy within the order?

How do I open a conversation about the Catholic faith with my Southern Baptist parents?

Didn’t all of the Popes before Benedict have failing health?

If Jesus was a Jew why aren’t we Jews?

What can the Holy Spirit do for a person who wants to enter into the Church who does not know where to start?

When Pope Benedict should pass away, will he get a papal funeral as Pope JPII did?

Is there an explanation on the saying “being sealed with the holy Spirit”?

Since Pope Benedict was a big advocate for the traditional Mass what is going to happen to the traditional Mass now that he has retired?

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