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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:
Are there any resources that I can point my non-Catholic family to in regards to the new pope and the prophecy of Malachi? 

I went to confession, but the priest was so busy he just put his hands on me and blessed me, so I went to communion. Did I do something wrong?

If Jesus spoke Aramaic, why would they say the Bible comes from the Greek?

What are the changes that occurred in 2011 during the Sign of Peace at Mass?

Are the Pope’s encyclicals infallible?

Are the verses in Acts 1 and Luke 4 examples for or against sola scriptura?

Do I still receive graces from praying the Stations of the Cross on the road, even though I am not physically present at the Stations?

I felt a calling to become a deacon. Should I pursue this calling even though I know becoming a deacon could harm my marriage?

How can you tell if you have received a plenary indulgence?

What parallels are in the Bible that are less known?

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