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Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God answers:

How should I go back to confession?

How can Catholics and Protestants connect through prayer, especially with regard to the abortion issue on this country?

I was recently advised by my local priest to read a book about centering prayer. What should I do about this?

My therapist said I should be up front with my husband about things that he has done to hurt me. Should I speak up or stay quiet?

Why doesn’t God give children to all faithful married couples?

How do we reunite with a loved one after anger and hate have separated us?

Do we have to love ourselves before we can love God?

I was married after getting a divorce from my first wife, but not in the Church. What should I do about receiving an annulment?

My wife is not Catholic and I want to start evangelizing to her to become a Catholic. I fear that my children will not stay Catholic because of her religious influence.

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